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Yacht Indigo Service

INDIGO is a luxury sailing yacht suitable for private cruises. It is ready to accommodate up to 6 guests in 3 cabins. It owns a master cabin astern and two VIP ones. The layout of the boat is magnificent. Its high cockpit and other areas are designed to suit the comfortable and extra fine accommodation of the guests. The spacious deck offers moments of relaxation and delight to the summer travellers.
Food (cold dishes), fruit, snacks and refreshments are offered during the one-day trip all-inclusive. During the two-day or three-day cruises, you are to visit local tavernas of your choice. On the boat there will still be fruit, snacks and refreshments available, free of charge.



The daily trip by INDIGO starts from the popular beach of Agia Kiriaki. From this little marina, only 9 kms away from Adamas, the main port, we sail off to meet spectacular scenery. After crossing a fantastic course, we reach breathtaking Kleftiko. It is the most famous and most photographed natural site of Milos.
Kleftiko_Indigo Yacht Milos_Yachting Milos_Rent a boat Milos

Kleftiko, an old pirate bay with the numerous caves and the transparent waters, is on the southwest and reachable only by sea. You will see gigantic white-rock formations emerging from the sea creating a surreal landscape.

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These semi-circular rocks form a small lake a short distance from the beach. They look like natural sculptures that even the most talented artist would envy. Nature is the ultimate creator and stunning Kleftiko is the proof of that.

Tour in Milos Island

Agia Kiriaki - Kleftiko

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